Many people living with dementia and who reside in long-term care facilities are under-stimulated and socially isolated. While there has been an increase in activities and programming based on occupational therapy, recreational therapy, music therapy, physiotherapy, and so on, such programs can cover only a fraction of the day for people who live with dementia. The result is that this population will spend most of the day either in their rooms or wandering hallways.

Additionally, those who live with dementia often have difficulty with social interactions and may become anxious or aggressive around people they don’t recognize, or in situations they don’t understand, resulting in behavioural disturbances that may lead to overmedication and poor quality of life.

Ambient Activities provide those who live with a moderate to severe level of dementia, an opportunity to engage with purposeful activity, and promote a ‘state of calm’ and well-being in the resident.

We design and produce activities that provide physical, cognitive and social stimulation by engaging the remaining strengths of residents who live with dementia. We refer to this as ‘Ambient Augmentation’ because they are ambient in the environment for easy access and because they are designed to augment existing activity programming by providing self-accessed activity interactions, available 24/7.

Ambient Activities create opportunities in social spaces for spontaneous interaction, engagement and socialization. By providing meaningful and appropriate activity interventions, we aim to reduce front-line caregiver distress caused by responsive behaviors.