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Who we are

Ambient Activity is the industry partner of a multidisciplinary team that includes participation from academia, supportive care facilities and care practitioners from across Canada. We are committed to improving dementia care through the design and use of Ambient Activity, readily accessible activation and communication technologies embedded in the care-environment, available and accessible for anytime use.


The Challenge at hand

Caring for people living with dementia requires a compassionate understanding of the disease and specialized strategies for providing care. Indeed, the quality of life for residents living with moderate to advanced dementia depends largely on the quality of care offered by care providers, including activationists, personal support workers, and family members.

Helping care-providers of all stripes

We believe that innovative technologies can help care-providers manage responsive behaviours and maintain family connections. Although one-on-one interactions with caregivers trained in person centred-care approaches and behaviour management techniques is certainly desirable, high levels of personalized engagement is simply not a viable long-term solution given resource constraints. Ambient Activity provides practical, easy to use solutions that facilitates engaging and personalized interactions at any time, without significantly increasing caregiver burden.

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