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By tapping into past interests and providing familiar themes, Manipulative Activities engage the strengths of the resident’s existing functioning, providing physical, cognitive, and social stimulation appropriate to the ability of the resident.

Easily affixed to the wall in the care environment, Manipulative Activities are readily accessible to residents on a 24/7 basis, requiring minimal demand on staff time and resources.

There are variety of sizes and themes to choose from. Each of our Manipulative Activities are appropriately designed using Montessori principles and methods to build functional capacity.

The activities are meaningful and purposeful, self-correcting, have good contrast and logical progression. The graphic designs are familiar, aesthetically pleasing with simple instructions. 

Ambient Activities do not replace structured recreational programs but are meant to enhance opportunities for individuals living with dementia to engage with meaningful stimuli.

Manipulative Activities augment and enrich the care environment, helping care providers to facilitate a state of ‘well-being’ in the resident, key to managing responsive behaviour and improving quality of life of the resident living with dementia.

Manipulative Activities are activity interventions that provide meaningful
and purposeful activity to residents living with dementia.

Manipulative Activities

The Importance of Priming

​Depending on the remaining cognitive ability of the resident, residents may be challenged to initially self-engage with Ambient Activity. ‘Priming’ is the process of directing the resident to the activity, introducing, and going through the function of that activity. This may mean physically helping the resident with ‘hand over hand’ direction which will help stimulate ‘memory through movement’. Priming may be required several times until the resident is conditioned to initiate and engage with the activity on their own accord.