Activation to mitigate responsive behaviour.

Ambient Activity interventions provide those who live with moderate to more advanced levels of cognitive impairments, opportunities to engage in purposeful activity.

Available to residents for any time use, Ambient Activities augment existing activity programming with self-accessed activity interactions to promote a sense of purposefulness and well-being to mitigate responsive behaviour.

Recreational therapist helping woman living with dementia to use ABBY®


Familiar and personal engagements,
‘on-call’ 24/7, with little support required by care-providers.


Appropriately designed manipulative activity affixed to the wall to provide opportunity to engage and interact with purposeful activity.

Manipulative Activity in use by a person living with dementia

Addressing social isolation

A woman living with dementia communicating using GENIE®


An easy to use communications portal to help family members stay connected with elderly loved ones who have challenges navigating smart technologies as they exist today.